Waddingtons Auction

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The Waddingtons Auction is held twice a year and takes place on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. The auction is staffed by six permanent employees who divide the goods into lots and put them up for bidders to view. The auction generally nets between $1,200 and $2,000, depending on the amount of goods sold. The auctioneers begin the day by highlighting low-value items and build up to the more expensive items.

A keen observer will notice that the auctioneer does not shout, and is instead silently assessing the interest of the group. This method makes it difficult for the inexperienced to discern his intentions. Many of the bidders have a tendency to give up too early and are scared off by the auctioneer. Likewise, some bidders who are hesitant to speak out are beaten by experienced bidders, who will usually jump ten or fifty percent more than they raise.

Waddingtons is Canada’s largest auction house. It has been around since 1850 and specializes in fine art, decorative arts, and luxury items. However, the auction house also holds weekly ‘hit and miss’ sales. Though not always a good sale, the items for auction are usually of good quality.

The Waddington family moved to Toronto in 1921, where they lived, where Geoffrey studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Their son Ralph studied engineering at Queen’s University. Their professional outlook has shaped their view of geography and history. The auctioneers at Waddingtons have worked with clients as diverse as the Royal North West Mounted Police and the CPR.

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