Waddingtons Auction

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It’s not hard to imagine what a typical day at Waddingtons Auction is like. From oil paintings to four-poster beds, the auction is a sight to behold. Waddington’s staff appraises every item in the auction house and compiles a hundred-page illustrated catalogue. The catalogue costs just $2. Waddington’s also hires extra security commissionaires and employs auction guides to guide the public through the property. The auction usually begins with low-priced items and builds up over time to more expensive ones.

In 1907, Waddington, an Englishman, began selling horses for the Royal North West Mounted Police. In his early days, Waddington thought each horse was worth several hundred dollars. He was a natural at his profession and survived many embarrassing moments. His accent is clipped, his manners are Louis XIV, and he sports a stiff detachable collar. But he’s far from Colonel Blimp, but he does have a dry sense of humour.

The auction also features exclusive artwork from the collection of FN Souza. From Nov. 23 to 28, the auction features a variety of works by the Indian contemporary artist. The sale features over fifty paintings, photographs, and other artworks from the artist’s oeuvre. Moreover, a side show will feature works by contemporary artists from all over the world.

The Fall Inuit Art Auction at Waddingtons topped $1,100. The sale of this sculpture has set a new auction record for Inuit art. The sculpture, entitled “The Migration,” depicts the harrowing journey of survivors in a crowded skin boat, paddling through ice floes and eventually reaching safety. Talirunili’s work often dealt with the migration theme and depicted the hardships of life in the Arctic.

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