The ntique Bottle Auctions

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The ntique Bottle Auctions is a company dedicated to antique bottle collections. Since 1990, the company has been operated by Jeff Wichmann. He started the company as a part-time project, but it soon took off. Jeff is a native of California and has been collecting vintage bottles for over 40 years. His company was originally called Pacific Glass Auctions, but in 2001 it changed its name to American Bottle Auctions.

The company is comprised of experts with decades of experience in the field of antique bottles and historical flasks. Jeff Bailey, the company’s owner, has experience researching the history, evaluating the condition, and appraising thousands of items. He is regularly called upon by private collectors to appraise the value of their antique bottles. Outside of the auction business, Jeff Bailey enjoys golf, baseball, marbles, and other hobbies. But he has a lifelong interest in antique bottles and is an excellent resource for information about these fascinating items.

The online auction site offers a variety of bottles for sale. You can find hundreds of vintage soda bottles, dozens of milk and oil bottles, and dozens of carrier bottles. The selections include both soda and beer bottles, and there is also a great selection of miniature bottles.

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