Intraday Calls – How to Time the Market Well

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Intraday Calls can be a lucrative trading option if you’re able to time the market well. This strategy can be especially useful when markets are volatile. However, it requires a high risk appetite and patience to make the right trades. While intraday calls can help you realise gains faster, you must be willing to accept risk.

When trading intraday calls, you should first understand the technical and fundamental data of stocks. This will help you make better trading decisions and help you identify market trends and strength. You should also be aware of corporate events that may impact the price of a stock. For example, a merger or acquisition can affect a stock’s price. In addition, dividend payments can have a large impact on a stock’s price.

In addition, intraday call traders should be patient and avoid emotions. While you’re waiting for further upside, you can also use stop loss options to reduce the impact of potential losses. It’s a good idea to know your entry and exit price before you enter a position. This will allow you to make objective decisions without bias.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the risk of high leverage, you should avoid intraday F&O calls. This type of investment strategy is not suited for conservative or growth profiles. However, for aggressive traders, intraday F&O calls offer the best chance of high returns.

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