Gemstone Auctions

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If you’re planning to purchase a gemstone, you’ll want to know which auction houses are offering the best prices. Often, prices are based on the origin of the gemstone, so make sure to read the auction house’s guidelines carefully. While some stones are worth more than others, the quality of their origin is one of the most important factors.

Gemstone auctions offer a variety of different gems. You can find single faceted stones, as well as rough materials. You’ll also find matched pairs of gems, which are very difficult to find. If you’re interested in buying a specimen, you’ll be glad to know that the auction house will send you a shipping quote, usually within five business days after the auction ends.

Gemstone auctions are the premier online sources for loose synthetic gemstones. These websites offer all types of man-made gemstones and have verified wholesalers. They also have a customer satisfaction guarantee. The Gemstones Auctions website provides information to help you educate yourself about buying synthetic gemstones. You can also find information on any gemstone topic in their Synthetic Gemstone Encyclopedia.

The Australian Gemstones Australia company started as a family-owned business in 2004 and has now achieved one million sales. They have developed an extensive software system that has helped them gain a foothold in the market and compete against larger USA-based companies. Added features such as the Verified Sellers scheme and Sheriff program have also helped build buyer confidence. The Gemstone Auctions site allows buyers to create custom jewellery.

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