Fiducial Franchise Businesses

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Fiducial franchise businesses provide bookkeeping and financial management services, as well as tax and financial planning, business counseling, and payroll services. These companies focus on providing services for upper-middle-class families and individuals. These companies emphasize the relationship between the franchisee and the client. They also offer an initial free consultation to determine your needs.

Today, Fiducial has over 1200 offices throughout Europe, employing over 17,700 people and serving over 322,000 clients. In addition, the company maintains a growing network of over thirty U.S. offices, combining the benefits of a global firm with local flexibility. The company was founded by Christian Latouche in 1970.

Founded in France, Fiducial offers comprehensive and tailored services for business owners and entrepreneurs. Its experienced team understands what it takes to succeed in North America. With a comprehensive, integrated set of professional services, Fiducial specializes in helping enterprising families manage their assets in the most effective manner.

The use of fiducials has many applications in augmented reality. They provide a stable anchor for augmented content, allowing it to be aligned to its real-world counterpart. In addition, they help resolve the integration challenges associated with augmented reality. For example, fiducials of known pattern and size can be used as mooring points for augmented content, allowing users to maintain a stable fusion of real and synthetic images.

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